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Your Sales Team: Coorbiz

As the Coorbiz, which offers widespread sales and marketing solutions throughout Turkey, we enable companies of all sizes, especially new ventures, to carry out their sales and marketing activities without even establishing a sales team. We not only run sales organizations, but also support them to establish connections with stakeholders that may be needed in order to achieve their growth targets in inter-corporate sales and marketing activities.

In the Coorbiz, there is a large business development team that provides widespread service throughout Turkey. The team members, each of whom has long-term corporate work experience, have experience in different sectors, such as sales, marketing and finance. The most important factor that makes our main brand, Coorbiz, privileged is its strong and dynamic team. As the Coorbiz, we establish and manage the sales teams that companies need with our Business Development Team, and provide strategic consultancy to sales activities with our Consulted Service. With the career opportunity we offer to Business Development Professionals with the Coorbiz, we offer the opportunity of freelance work to professionals experienced in the field of sales, while at the same time, we also allow all team members to benefit from the opportunity of continuous development thanks to the Coorbiz Academy.

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